5 Important Telemarketing Tips

Telemarketing is quite common. There’s a call from your cell phone provider offering you new features and services. Then there’s an email from a travel agency informing you that they currently have a once-in-a-lifetime promotion. Telemarketing is just one of the marketing strategies being employed by many successful companies, and it is defined as the practice of advertising, or trading a certain product or service with the use of telecommunications medium such as telephone, the internet, or fax.

The effectiveness of telemarketing has always been reliable, but there are new companies that seem reluctant to employ such strategy. They probably think that telemarketing is too outdated, or that customers will not be as responsive as before. However, if the following tips are taken seriously, then telemarketing will prove to be a very effective tool in gaining customers, and generating sales.

1. Determine your purpose.
Telemarketing is used to accomplish a certain purpose or objective of a company. Do you want to gather leads? Or do you want to go for the kill and close a sale? Knowing what you want is the key to achieving your objectives.

2. Prepare a concise call flow.
Now, following a call flow is very different from following a script. Customers are very perceptive, and they know instantly if you are reading from a script. This is a big NO since it is important to sound genuine and friendly over the phone, and reading from a script will not make you sound like you a caring telemarketer.

In every telemarketing call, it is important to be spontaneous, and friendly. However, make sure to follow a call flow so as not to steer away from your purpose. A call flow usually starts with an opening, followed by questioning, introduction of the product or service, rebuttal, and finally, the closing. A more detailed article will be dedicated to call flow preparation.

3. Prepare rebuttals.
In telemarketing, there are always objections. If you thoroughly know the product or service you are offering, then you should be able to think of possible objections from customers. Previous call experiences will also give you ideas about this, thus it is important to take down notes in every call. Preparing for these objections will help you control the call, so it is important to have rebuttals on hand.

4. Know your customer’s needs
After discussing your offer, customers might say that they don’t need the product or service you are offering. At this point in telemarketing, it is very important to probe, and sometimes ask them out right what exactly do they need. By doing this, you will be able to customize your product or service in order to fit the customers’ demands.

A good telemarketer will also ask the customer if they now of someone who might need the product or service you are offering.

5. Don’t push it.
As a telemarketer, it is important to know your limits. If the person you are talking to has said explicitly that they are not interested, then respect them. Some people already view telemarketing as a nuisance, so don’t make them think that they are right. Make sure to ask for referrals though before ending the call.

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7 Telemarketing Tips For the Self Employed

If you are self employed in any field then adding Telemarketing to your repertoire will serve you well!!

It really doesn’t matter what business you are Self Employed in; Retail, Home-based, Service or Products…there is a Telemarketing solution for you.

Telemarketing is worth considering for just one reason…it works! Reaching people by phone is quick, cost-effective, easy and has been shown to get results time after time. By pro-actively searching for your next customers you put yourself ahead of the rest.

We know that the majority of small business fails in the first 5 years of trading. The only reason for this is that most self employed people start working for themselves because they are an expert in their industry and at what they do. But that doesn’t make them an expert in marketing their business. Unfortunately, too many people go into business believing that their clients will find them. Good business is far more pro-active than that. Being self employed is great when you are making money…so find ways to get more business.

The good news is that I have 7 Tips here that will get you pointed in the right direction for Telemarketing Success.

1. Work out what part of your sales process should be done by phone. Do you have a product or service that could be sold over the phone, or should you use telemarketing to generate qualified leads for your business. Maybe for you, it would be best to use Telemarketing to book appointments with potential clients. Telemarketing is not necessarily a sales process unto itself. In fact it is best used in conjunction with other sales methods like a mail out, customer survey or face to face appointment.

2. Write yourself a script or at least comprehensive guidelines for the call you will make. This process really needs its own article, but the basics are; build rapport quickly, don’t try to sell too early, ask lots of open ended questions to gather personalised information, make your call all about the customer and what’s in it for them, listen to the client and use a closed question to guide the customer to say “yes.”

3. Make a list of every objection you know your clients could give you. Now write a script for each of those. If you are prepared for whatever happens during the call it will go a lot smoother. Objection handling scripts should be short, logical and should lead the client right back into your main call script.

4. Make sure you have good quality phone numbers to call. This may mean that you buy a list from a list broker or that you employ another source of lead generation to gather contacts. If you do purchase a list, make sure you have “scrubbed” or “washed” the list according to the “Do Not Call” laws in your territory.

5. Get organised. Do not even pick up the phone until you have everything you will need pre-prepared. Too many people tell themselves they are Telemarketing for an hour, when really they spend most of the hour shuffling paper, looking things up online or doing other time wasting activities.

6. Set aside time each day. I recommend calling for about 50 minutes, then taking 5 – 10 minutes as a break. Then feel free to start again. Setting time aside for Telemarketing will help you to not put it off. Some people suffer from Call reluctance, but if you have a big enough goal and you are disciplined this won’t be a problem for you.

7. Build Rapport!! This is the single most important aspect of Telemarketing. Over the phone your client cannot see your smile, your friendly eyes and body language. This means that you need to communicate your message with your voice. Use your tone to connect with your client. People only ever buy off people they like, so make sure that you are instantly likable. This may mean that you need to match your client. Matching is being like them, talking like they do with similar tone, speed and volume.

Follow these tips and you will be well on your way to increasing your clients and therefore your profits.